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Grand Theft Auto V on XBox 360

Grand Theft Auto V
Game titleGrand Theft Auto V
Release Date17/09/2013
Made by:Rockstar Games
Billy Bargain Trade:None currently listed

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Grand Theft Auto V on is only £19.10 when using Billy Bargain price comparison! The game shops listed above have been checked in the last hour to ensure they are up to date - Billy Bargain always finds the cheapeast price for video games!


Returning in fine form, Microsoft's Grand Theft Auto V for Xbox 360 is sure to please fans of the franchise with compelling storyline, breathtaking graphics and more interaction than ever before. Five and a half years in development, GTA5 is one of the most ambitious games ever attempted. Unparalleled visuals and sprawling gamemaps with countless sub-missions will keep even the most devoted gamers entertained for hours. Giving you almost complete access to a giant sandbox environment, you are free to run, jump, drive, fly and shoot anything and everything in traditional GTA style. Los Santos Set in a sun-soaked metropolis modelled on present day California, you encounter all manner of characters in your journey to the top. From shady drug deals in the bad neighbourhoods to star studded celebrity parties, you can steal, cheat and swindle your way to the top of a truly massive crime-filled virtual world that dwarfs previous GTA game maps. Three times the trouble For the first time in a Grand Theft Auto game, you take control of not one but three different criminals as you explore Los Santos. Michael is a former career criminal trying to enjoy his retirement with an ungrateful family and a nostalgic appreciation for the good old days. Franklin is a young up-and-comer from the streets who wants to make some serious money any way he can and Trevor is a violent psychopath along for the ride. Switch between each of them to use their individual skills and assets and recruit from the criminal underworld as you pull off increasingly dangerous heists and get drawn deeper and deeper into Los Santos, searching for the next big score. Land air and sea Building on the GTA franchise, Grand Theft Auto V brings even more vehicles for you to enjoy, and break the law with. Muscle cars, high performance roadsters and motorbikes all make an appearance along with helicopters, fighter jets, speedboats and a wealth of others to keep you one step ahead of the Los Santos Police Department. Legal passtimes It's not just crime in Los Santos though. Constant lawbreaking can take it's toll so GTA5 has plenty to keep you occupied in between crimes. Choose from sports, shopping, hunting, scuba diving, skydiving or just exploring the enormous map to keep things interesting while you're waiting for new jobs. For the first time you can also modify the vehicles you have stolen, selecting from body and performance modifications to custom alloys to complete your car's look. Bigger and better in every way, Microsoft's Grand Theft Auto V for Xbox 360 will keep you hooked.Only one offer can be applied per basket , so you'll be eligible for the biggest saving of all the items you buy when you reach the checkout.


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