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Scribblenauts on Nintendo DS

Game titleScribblenauts
Release Date09/10/2009
Made by:Warner Bros. Interactive
Billy Bargain Trade:None currently listed

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The most innovative game of 2009 is ready to hit the Nintendo DS and you can be certain you've never played anything quite like this before. The idea is actually pretty simple: you control Maxwell who's trying to gather some typical video game collectables called Starites from a bunch of horizontally scrolling levels. Looks like a saw of some sort might be useful here Just imagine it and you can bring anything into the game Just type in the word garlic and see how this guy reacts A bigger source of light should come in handy here What's not so typical is the way he does it, by summoning almost any object you can imagine just by scribbling down its name. So, for example, if you think a ladder or a trampoline might help you out then just write their names on the touchscreen and they'll magically appear. The game understands tens of thousands of different objects, from tanks to tornados and tumble driers to black holes. Many can be used together, with one memorable solution involving time travel, a dinosaur and robot zombies. This truly is a game that's only limited by your own imagination. Key Features Unlimited play: The most original and ambitious video game for years, where literally anything is possible - and all squeezed into one tiny Nintendo DS cartridge. Lexicon of fun: Type in anything you can think of (except trademarks) and it will instantly appear in the game, ready for you to use. Infinite variety: Materialise everything from vehicles and animals to weapons, household appliances, famous people and even Internet in-jokes. Level up: Experiment in 220 separate levels, split into puzzle and action style challenges. Beat a level with three different solutions and you can unlock it for freeplay fun. Award winner: Already the winner of multiple critical awards, including Best of Show at E3 2009 from websites Gamespot, Gamespy and IGN. About the Developer: 5TH Cell This American developer started off small with a trio of mobile phone games. They then moved onto the DS, with the critically acclaimed and highly original Drawn to Life and Lock's Quest. It's Scribblenauts that has made their name though - winning several awards even before its release.


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