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Capture Anthologies 2: Love, Lust & Tragedy DVD

Capture Anthologies 2: Love, Lust & Tragedy
DVD titleCapture Anthologies 2: Love, Lust & Tragedy
Release Date21 June 2010
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Actors starring in Capture Anthologies 2: Love, Lust & Tragedy

Alice Evans, Dominic Mafham, Zelda Tinska, Chris Caine, Jeremy Killick

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Directed By

Capture Anthologies 2: Love, Lust & Tragedy was directed by: Oliver Krimpas, Meloni Poole, Timothy X Atack, Bernard MacLaverty, Amy Neil

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In the second volume Love Lust and Tragedy it's a rollercoaster ride through the highs and lows of emotion and relationships. In this Capture Anthology you will find heart warming stories comedy turns and a glimpse at the darker side of the human experience of love and passion. Titles Comprise: 1. Hard Labour A 21st Century 'm''nage a trois' as a Croation nanny seeks to deal with the fact that she is pregnant by her employer and work to build a brighter future for the baby. 2. Lap Boy meets girl everyday on her way to work. Will her job stop them from falling in love? 3. Bye Child When a ten year old boy plays hide-and-seek with friends he finds something that leads him to a terrible truth: no matter what progress mankind makes many are forced to travel lunar distances beyond love. 4. All My Dreams on VHS James can record his dreams onto VHS. He collects them... but what happens when girl of his dreams Erica finds herself on tape? 5. Icicle Melt A couple dance and play in the snow yet neither realise they won't be together in the morning. How will Madeline cope?


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