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12 Horror / Sci-Fi DVD Movies DVD

12 Horror / Sci-Fi DVD Movies
DVD title12 Horror / Sci-Fi DVD Movies
Release Date08 November 2004
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Actors starring in 12 Horror / Sci-Fi DVD Movies

C.Thomas Howell, David Hasselhoff, Jack Nicholson, Linda Blair, Malcolm McDowell, Mark Dacascos, Roddy Piper, Rutger Hauer, Zach Galligan

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Final ScreamA murder mystery game becomes a reality as one of the players turns into a violent killer.The HauntingJack Nicholson is a soldier who falls in love with Helene wife of Baron Victor Frederick Von Leppe.ShiversDavid Cronenberg's classic remains one of cinema's ultimate shockers!WitchcraftDavid Hasselhoff and Linda Blair struggle against an ancient evil seeking fresh victims...Night Of The Living DeadGeorge A Romero's classic sees radiation cause the recently deceased to rise from the grave...Children Of The Living DeadA construction team's digging unleashes the awakening of... The Children of The Living DeadThe UnseenTV reporters experience a horrific nightmare when one by one they encounter The Unseen!Vengeance Of The DeadGraveyard disturbances and horrific fires begin as Erik seeks to avenge the death of his ghostly lover.ArmageddonA murder victim is resurrected via bio-technology but escapes to wreak revenge on his killers.Cyborg 3Exciting and futuristic sci-fi starring Malcolm McDowell (A Clockwork Orange) and Zach Galligan (Gremlins).Alien IntruderFour convicts volunteer for what seems to be a routine deep space salvage mission...The ShepherdThe inhabitants of this future world have a choice to follow the rules or follow The Shepherd.


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