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.Hack / / Sign - Vol. 3 DVD

.Hack /  / Sign - Vol. 3
DVD title.Hack / / Sign - Vol. 3
Release Date19 July 2004
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Actors starring in .Hack / / Sign - Vol. 3

Koichi Mashimo

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Directed By

.Hack / / Sign - Vol. 3 was directed by: Koichi Mashimo

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Mimiru Bear and Tsukasa participate in a sponsored event and seem to have a good time. In the real world a doctor and a parent discuss the fate of a child in a coma. But who is it? With some help from the mysterious and powerful hacker named Helba Crim and B.T. manage to discover the secret portal called the Twilight Eye. They are transported to a hidden realm an upside-down castle. But before they can search for secrets they must fend off their pursuers! The quest for the Key of the Twilight has not gone unnoticed by the hidden power behind Tsukasa. It takes steps to ensure that no clues are discovered and it decides that Tsukasa has outlived his usefulness... Episode titles: Epitaph Compensation Party Entanglement


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