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Chasing God DVD

Chasing God
DVD titleChasing God
Release Date10 April 2006
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Actors starring in Chasing God

Dawn French

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Directed By

Chasing God was directed by: Lenny De Vries

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Humanity is being threatened especially by war. In times of extreme upheaval people seek solace in a Higher Power. Well over three quarters of the world's population does. Could they be wrong? And if they're right who is this Higher Power?Is this being a bearded old man or a spark of light?Within us or outside of us?The one or the many?An emotion of an entity?A beginning or an end?Someone to love or to fear?Chasing God takes us on an enlightening journey to: the Vatican & the Ganges The Wailing Wall & The Dome of the Rock Mosque The Golden Temple & the Dalai Lama Temple in the Himalayas. Followed by daring and provocative scenes of a world out of balance.First time filmmakers Dylan Burton (New Zealand) and Lenny de Vries (Holland) set out on a worldwide quest to discover a paradoxically unifying principle that may well lie beyond the divisive interpretations of God.


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