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12 Reasons To Scream DVD

12 Reasons To Scream
DVD title12 Reasons To Scream
Release Date25 October 2004
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Actors starring in 12 Reasons To Scream

Rodney Rowland, Kevin Patrick Walls, Robert Davi, Brad Dourif, Karen Black

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Directed By

12 Reasons To Scream was directed by: Abel Ferrara, Douglas Buck, Tom Berry, Darin James Ferriola, Jimmy Kaufman

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Features the following full-length horror films... Popcorn: A psychotic murderer whose only pleasure is to wear the faces of his victims is on the rampage. Fifteen years ago this monster murdered his family on stage in the town theatre then burned it all down. Tonight he is back for an encore... Devil's Child: Nikki a successful photographer experiences inexplicable acts of terror and evil after her mother's mysterious death. Alex Cole is a human incarnation of Satan who first protects and then seduces Nikki into having his son. Tim a man madly in love with Nikki tries to investigate Alex's background. However Tim dies in yet another mysterious 'accident'... Driller Killer: Reno is struggling artist close to breaking point The incescant noise of a neighbouring punk band and his girlfrien'd lesbian lover push him to breaking point. Despite his desperate need for cash Reno will not admit that he has completed the painting. It becomes an obsession. In his troubled mind the picture triggers something he cannot contain... Cutting Moments: An anthology of 5 short but deeply disturbing horror films... Amyitville Curse: In the fifth installment of the series six friends move into the infamous haunted home. Soon their lives are turned upside-down when supernatural forces residing in the cellar wreak bloody havoc upon them. Servants Of Twilight Based on the well known thriller written by the horror author Dean R. Koontz. A group of religious fanatics claim that a six year old boy called Joey is an agent of the devil and set out to destroy him... Soulkeeper: Unsettled souls of evil rise up when two thieves steal an ancient relic. Unknowingly they unleash a demon who prays upon depraved lost souls. With the help of a mysterious dark angel the two wage war with fire-breathing monsters and tempting sirens to salvage the relic and save humanity. Demon House: A group of teenagers seek refuge in an old house after an accident that results in the death of a police officer. Angela a mysterious resident welcomes them with the secret plan of turning them into bloodthristy minions!... Witchboard 3: The Possesion: When Brian gives up his soul in return for the skill to financially gain from the powers of the Ouija Board mayhem ensues... Mind Snatchers: In this his first leading role Christopher Walken plays a misfit G.I. who finds himself as a guinea pig in a bizarre brain research experiment. A compelling tale of mind-numbing drugs boisterous soldiers and a sinister German scientist. Drive In: Unfortunately for the residents of Aurora - Illonois the Drive-in is about to become the site of some of the most gruesome murders America has ever seen. Head Hunter: Two Boston cops are investigating a series of strange killings. They are visited by a black Shaman who tells them that the murders are the work of the 'Headhunter'... The Sleepwalker Project


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